Aftercare and Tips

Good home care is an essential part of your waxing treatment, especially aftercare.


Aftercare is a critical step in for any waxing treatment. Following these guidelines will help ensure you stay silky smooth for longer, reduce discomfort, and help improve your following treatment.

  • Exfoliating gloves: Use exfoliating gloves in the shower two to three times per week to help keep any dead skin cells from trapping hair and clogging pores. Clogged pores lead to ingrown hairs and hyper-pigmentation, which we all want to avoid! I do keep this product in stock, but you can also pick them up at Walmart, Target, or on Amazon.
  • Tend Skin: Tend Skin is a skin treatment that comes in both liquid and roll-on forms and contains the perfect percentage of salicylic acid to reduce and remove bumps. When used regularly between appointments it also helps hair come out more easily, which in turn reduces discomfort. Use Tend Skin the morning of your appointment to reduce redness and help hair come out smoother.
  • Future wax sessions: You’ll need to schedule your next wax in advance, usually about four to six weeks from the day of your treatment. This allows enough time for all three stages of hair growth to come in.

Additional Tips

  • Hair length: Your hair length should be somewhere between a one quarter (1/4) to a half  (1/2) of an inch. If your hair is dark and course, your hair length should be between a quarter (1/4) to a half (1/2) of an inch in length. Darker, courser hair doesn’t like to come out as smoothly as lighter and thinner hair and you will be glad you waited an extra week for a better waxing session.
  • Shaving: Please do not shave between waxing appointments. Shaving will make you hair thicker and could cause ingrown hairs. If you can’t make it in for your appointment, trimming hair with beard trimmers with a one or one and half guard is the best choice until your appointment.
  • Leg waxing:  If you’re getting your legs waxed, you’ll want to let the hair grow, grow, grow! The legs seem to grow slow in some areas, so I always recommend (especially for your first wax) you let the hair here grow for a minimum of four weeks.


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