Wax Types and Technique

There are two types of wax used by estheticians: hard wax and soft wax (sometimes called strip wax). Many estheticians use just one or the other, but I prefer to use a combination of both since each type of wax is strong in certain areas of the body.

Soft Wax

Strip wax is a soft wax that you apply and then remove with a disposable non-woven waxing strip. Soft wax can be used on all areas of the body, and it is my wax of choice for multiple areas, including: Brazilian, bikini, arms, legs, back, brows, and upper lip.

Currently, my favorite soft wax is Satin Smooth organic honey wax with Argan oil. Honey is a natural antibacterial and the Argan oil is hydrating for the skin and is formulated to use on sensitive skin with course to medium hair.  I like using this product because its versatile and provides a quick release when waxing while leaving the skin silky smooth and soft.

Hard Wax

Hard wax is better suited for areas such as the underarms and the nooks and crannies of a Brazilian. Hard wax does not use a strip, but instead of creates its own. Once it has set, the wax itself is used as a strip to remove the hair. Hard wax is great for areas on the body that perspire quickly when being waxed.


I often apply baby powder on warm areas before applying—I find that the application and release of the wax is smoother and more comfortable for the client this way. I also use Jasmine oil to form a lipid barrier underneath all of my waxes. This creates a light barrier between the skin and the wax which allows for a quicker and smoother release while also lessening the discomfort and allowing for a faster waxing experience.

A large majority of my waxing is done in twenty minutes or less , so you can look forward to being in and out in a short time,with little discomfort. I always provide thorough after care instructions once the service is complete.

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