Permanent Cosmetics Pricing

I offer several different permanent cosmetic services for all your permanent cosmetic needs. If you are uncertain of which service is right for you, simply contact me and I’d be happy to discuss your needs and options.

Permanent and Semi-Permanent cosmetic  Menu

$275 | Permanent Brows    Soft warm shaded color looks pretty and natural under the natural brow hair, technique is with machine method.  Easy to maintain with a touch every two to four years.
$300 |Semi-Permanent Microbladed Brows Microblading delivers natural, precise hair strokes with a manual  technique.  Easy to maintain and will last up to one to two years. Touch up may be required after the first visit at six weeks.  Six week touch up is included in the initial price.
$150 | Upper Eyeliner Eyelash enhancement procedure delivers a pretty deep color into the lash line making the lashes look thicker and darker.  Easy to maintain , may require a touch up at thirty days.
$100 | Lower Eyeliner  Lower liner can be done as a single service or at the same time as the upper eyeliner. Color is deposited in-between the bottom lash hairs to give a natural look of a darker lash line.  Easy to maintain, may require a touch up at thirty days.

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