Permanent Cosmetics FAQ’s


Mapping the brows is the longest part of the procedure and it should be. This gives you a detailed outline of where your brows are placed. 

I am very happy to offer permanent cosmetics , as a licensed Tattooist in the state of Missouri with a Certification in Microblading and Advance Permanent Cosmetic training.

Microblading , Shaded Brows and Combination Brows …

Microblading is great for younger skin , or for skin types that are more normal to dry. Hairline strokes go into the skin with a tiny amount of color and then a color mask is gently rubbed over the strokes and then gently wiped away to reveal beautiful tiny strokes that simulate natural hair. These carefully placed strokes blends beautifully with your own brow hair to give a fuller or fluffier look to your brows , or to fill and correct the brows where needed. Microblading is a two step process and a one time touch up is required at six to eight weeks which is included in the initial price. All other touch up after are at an additional fee and are usually needed anywhere from six to thirteen months depending on lifestyle , medications, and sun exposure.

Shaded Brows  or Combination Brows work beautifully on those that have mature skin or for skin types that are more on the oily side. This is a soft filled in look that sits behind the brow hairs to give a soft  look to the brows, or can be used over microbladed brows to give a shaded look to areas such as the spine and the tail of the brow or the lower line of the brow . The color can be soft tapped into the outline of the brow or implanted by machine method depending on texture of the skin and desired look.  This look typically last longer and has less touch up maintenance. Your service includes one touch up session at six to eight weeks and is recommended. All other future touch ups will require a color boost fee . Shaded brows typically require a color boost somewhere between two to three years after your initial touchup depending on lifestyle, medications, and sun exposure.

How does skin types, lifestyle, medications and the sun affect my brows?

The oil production in oily skin types can affect the hair strokes and make them blur and heal lighter then non oily skin types. Thats why the shaded or combo brows are a better choice. For those who smoke they may notice that their brows may fade a little faster . Sun exposure could also cause fading and it is important to stay out of the sun for at least two weeks after your procedure,  using products such as Color Guard will help protect and extend the life of your brow color. And always remember to be careful to keep acne products, retinols ,glycolic acid, salisylic acid and any kind of chemical exfoliants off of your brows.







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